Who is jensalittleloopy?

Jen is Hugamonster CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), artist, writer, and rookie airdrop seller.

She entered cryptopia in January 2021 with her first collection – Hugamonsters, a handful of 1/1 NFTs + physicals which now live all over the world. Since then she’s experimented with everything from minting art journals to creating digital art to collaborating with her cats and the wind to make found poetry.

She will never stop beeping the boops to figure out how things work, nor will she ever stop running in the opposite direction of what everyone else is doing so she can do things the hard way and teach people by example (maybe not a good example, but an example nonetheless!).

You can reach Jen on Warpcast @jensalittleloopy or by email at jensalittleloopy@gmail.com.

You can read about her adventures in Hugamonster Field Notes on Paragraph.xyz: Hugamonster Field Notes (paragraph.xyz)

Links to Jen’s art can be accessed via Jen’s a Little Loopy’s Flowpage (flowcode.com)